Missions and Duties

1. Missions

The National Institute for Food Control has the function of testing, assessing food safety and quality; directing technical expertise, training human resources in the food testing system nationwide; implementating scientific, technological and international cooperation activities; information communicating and deploying scientific and technical service activities suitable to the NIFC’s fields.

2. Duties

  • Testing, assessing food safety and quality
  • Organizing scientific and technological activities
  • Directing and techniques
  • Training
  • International cooperation
  • Information communicating
  • Deploying scientific and technical service activities in the field of food safety and quality testing

3. Powers

  1. Autonomy, self-responsibility within the scope of assigned missions, duties and complying with the provisions of laws.
  2. Food sampling from facilities of food production, distribution and preservation nationwide to do tests of food hygiene safety and quality.
  3. Suggesting relevant agencies, organizations and individuals collaborating, providing information, document, and material serving the NIFC’s activities as needed.
  4. Requesting food testing units in the health sector to periodically or irregularly sum up the capacity and results of food safety quality testing in order to report to the Ministry of Health, and related management agencies.
  5. Participating in inspection, supervision and assessment of food testing facilities for technical capacity and propose solutions to enhance the quality management of food safety, raw materials, additives, food processing aids, food supplements, tools and in food contact materials.
  6. Consulting, training, doing scientific research, technology transfer, testing, calibration and other services within the NIFC’s missions according to the regulations when requested by organizations, individuals or enterprises.
  7. Implementing international cooperation activities, inviting domestic and foreign experts to join the activities.
  8. Producing, distributing standards, chemical and biological reference substances, standard samples, test samples, quick test kits and experimental plants and animals.
  9. Fees and charges of food testing services and other related services in accordance with the law.

Currently, we are doing the tests of the following products:

    • Food
    • Raw materials, food additives, food processing aids
    • Drinking, environment
    • Food contact packaging materials
    • Genetically Modified Food (GMO)
    • Toxic, allergens
    • Animal feed
    • Textile materials
    • Testing and determining the causes of food poisoning and food-borne diseases, assessing food safety risks
    • Testing, assessing and certifying the safety of chemical and biological substances used in food chains
    • Testing difficult and complicated parameters exceeding the technical capacity of the local food testing agencies
    • Our prominent activities:
    • Standard - Conformity assessment – Inspection
    • Proficiency testing
    • Consulting
    • Research
    • Training
    • Technology transfer

- Other services