Missions and Duties

The National Institute for Food Control is operating under the charter and operation Organization issued with Decision No. 2456/QD-BYT dated 09/7/2009 of the Minister of Health

1. Missions:

- To undetake food safety hygiene testing for quality products, additives and to provide processing aids for domestic food production and imports.

- To act as a national referee in the field of food safety and quality control .

- To assess the risk of food safety.

- To offer professional guide-lines and to assess the capacity of testing laboratories for quality and food safety nationwide.

- To carry out scientific research, to organize specialized staff training, and to participate in all service activities related to food safety and quality.

2. Duties:

- To undetake food safety hygiene testing for quality products

- Scientific research

- Derecting

- Training

- International Cooperation

- Consulting - Technology Transfer

3. Power:

- Autonomy, self-responsibility for task performance, organizing committee, personnel and finance in the range of assigned tasks.

- Food sampling of production facilities, circulation, distribution and preservation of food in the nationwide to serve the quality test, food safety and hygiene

- To suggest agencies and relevant organizations to coordinate and provide documents for the Institute as needed.

- To implement of consulting services, training, scientific research and technology transfer, service of quality analysis and testing, food safety required by organizations, individuals and businesses.

- To deploy of the international cooperation activities, invite the national and international experts participating in the Institute's fields of activity as stipulated by law.

- Charges and fees for testing the quality of food safety and other related services in accordance with law.

- Currently, the Institute is performing testing activities for the following goods:

+ Food

+ Raw materials, food additives, food processing aids

+ Water, Environment

+ Packaging materials in directing contact with food

+ Genetically Modified Food (GMO)

+ Toxic, allergens

+ Feed

+ Textile materials

Some activities in strengths of the Institute:

+ Comformity/Standard regulations

+ Proficiency testing

+ Consulting

+ Research

+ Training

+ Technology transfer

-Other services