Department of Imported food state control

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1. Historical formation

Department of Imported food state control (National Institute for Food Control) was countries established by Decision No.50/QD-VKNQG dated 03.01.2011 based on the activities regulations of the NIFC signed by the Health Minister under decision No. 2456 / QD-BYT dated 9/7/2009.

Department of Imported food state control was accrediated as a independent inspection organization (class A) by Accrediation Bureau, acting accordance with the standards of ISO 17020-2012 systems with code: 023 vias

2. Function

Advise the Director of the State inspection of imported foods, national samples sent by state management agencies.

3. Duties

- Reiceipt samples, review and issuance of registration for the registration documents for state inspection of imported foods according to their assigned areas.

Organize inspect imported food sampling at ports or at warehouses of temporary relief with enterprise customers.

Organize quality assessment for imported food shipments in compliance with the current regulations.

Organize food inspection types of systems according to ISO standard 17020-2012

Organize management record-keeping registration state inspection of imported food under current regulations.

-Next Samples received under state management as inspectors, poisoning ... at the request of the authorities and transferred to the unit testing as prescribed.

4. The Situation of human

Department of Imported food state control (NIFC) has 14 staffs with appropriate knowledge level, continuous training, with professional style is ready to meet all legitimate needs of our customers.

5. The situation of operation

Currently, the State Inspection of imported food at NIFC undertake activities on State Inspection of imported food under Decision No 1926/QD-BYT dated on 05/06/2013 by the Ministry of Health on the implementation of state inspection of imported food under the management of the Ministry of Health; and Decision No. 292/QD-BCT issued on January 20, 2016, NIFC is the appointment unit of the Ministry of Industry and Trade as being the national agency for state inspection of imported foods.

NIFC signed cooperated checks with a number of specialized customs departments of the provinces in specialized inspection implementing at ports or border gates such as:

- Hanoi Customs bureau

- Hai Phong Customs Bureau.

- Lang Son Customs Bureau

- Ho Chi Minh City Customs bureau

NIFC was equipped with information technology systems for the Department of State Inspection of imported food to manage the documents and imported food products

Currently, Department of Imported food state control at NIFC applying registration national single window system which is very convenient for business and state management.

NIFC act following ISO 17025 system of modern equipment are always additions and upgrades to meet very favorable, support for the evaluation and efficient state inspection

6 Place of registration for state inspection of imported food

+ In the north:

- Hanoi:

            - National Institute for Food Control (NIFC)

            Address: No. 65 Pham Than Duat Street-Cau Giay-Hanoi.

            - ALS Warehouse - NoiBai International Airport

- Hai Phong:

            - Hai Phong Sea Port Customs – - Region III

            Address: No. 1 Ngo Hai Phong city authorities

- Lang Son

            - Tan Thanh Department branch office

            Address: Tan bar Van Lang district, Lang Son Province

+ In the South:

- Cat Lai Port

            Address: 102 Nguyen Thi Dinh Cat Lai port B port, Ho Chi Minh City.

- Tan Son Nhat International Airport:\

            Address: TCS Warehouse, 46-48 giang.P 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

            Customers need advice please contact phone number: 0432262215