Registration process directly at reception

1. Business regist imported food inspection.

- Customers regist imported food inspection at Department of Imported food state control of the NIFC or at the receiving inspection points of the Institute, the records include:

+ 04 copies licenses for state inspection of imported foods (form).

+ A certified copy of the following documents: contracts, invoices, bills of lading, packing list details; In addition customers can offer more: Poll analysis (CA) of the manufacturer, free sale certificate (Free Sales) or health certificate (Health Certificate) of the product.

+ A copy of the certified documents of announced tproduct .

- Fees and charges:

Customers will pay a fee + check in the amount of 0.1% of shipment value, the lowest is VND 1,000,000 and highest 10,000,000 VND

+ Customer will pay fees for the test results of 150,000 VND for one results supplying.

- Processing time: After receiving complete and valid documents of enterprises, after a maximum period of 01 working days, the Institute will supply certificated registration to the enterprise

2. Sampling and testing.

- After customs authorities allow the release of products into warehouses or customs authorities require businesses to notify the port sampling by Institute within 01 working days, the Institute will announce the sampling time for the enterprise;

- In the case of enterprise confirmed by Viet Nam Food Administration (VFA) allow just inspect the documentation for the product (lots), enterprises notification and send certificated customs declarations to the Institute.

- After checking the warehouse and sampling, the maximum time of 02 working days with additional time-tested indicators which conducted testing by Institute, the Institute will pay the notified products inspection results for the business.

- In case of inspection the products documents only, the Institute will announce the inspection results of products ducuments only during maximum 02 working days on receipt of the customs declaration of the business.

3. Releasing the test results

- After receiving test results, the business go to Department of Imported food state control of the NIFC to get test results, or at the point of receiving the Institute's documents

- Enterprises will pay an additional fee for each shipment inspection, testing fees depending on the number of numbers and indicators which tested by the Institute to evaluate the qualtiy of products. The level of charges and fees assigned specifically in Circular 149/2013 / TT-BTC of the Minister of Finance.

- After receiving the results of assessing the quality of the products, the business will send Department branch office of Border Gate Customs of for customs clearance procedures.

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