1. Reasons for calibration

Calibration refers to a process of determination and establishment of relation between measured values by measurement standard, measuring instrument and quantity. (Law No. 04/2011/QH13 on measurement)

Roles of calibration:

  • Calibrating equipment to ensure the reliability of the measuring equipment/device for measurement results;
  • Calibrating equipment to ensure that the equipment work properly with the requirements of health industry, national and international quality standards;
  • Calibration of equipment to maintain the values ​​of the standard system as well as the system of measuring instruments being used, their connection with the measurement standards to ensure the consistency and accuracy of measurements;
  • Calibrating equipment to identify errors of measuring instruments/ equipment, since then adjusting measuring instruments / equipment to suit measurements;
  • Calibration of equipment helps determine measurement uncertainty of instruments/ equipment;
  • Calibration of equipment also helps to detect failures or predict failures, by measuring the user who plans to repair measuring instruments.

When to calibrate:

  • According to equipment manufacturer's recommendations;
  • At the request of the analytical method being applied;
  • When measuring accuracy affects to the usability of the test results;
  • When equipment has major repairs;
  • When the device is transported to another location;
  • As required by the standards of the management system applied in the laboratory such as ISO / IEC 17025; ISO / IEC 15189; ISO / IEC 17043; ISO 9001 ...

2. Calibration at the National Institute for Food Control

The National Institute for Food Control provides calibration services in the field of mass, heat, physical chemistry ... with the equipment system meeting the requirements of standard link to national and international standards, in accordance with standards set by the international measurement system.

We has registered the field of calibration activities complying with the Government's Decree No. 105/2016/ ND-CP dated July 1, 2016 "Regulations on operating conditions of inspection and calibration organizations, testing measuring devices and standards " and been granted a calibration registration certificate by the Ministry of Science and Technology with the registration code: DK 361.

The NIFC’s calibration activities meet the technical capacity requirements according to ISO / IEC 17025: 2017, the NIFC is accredited by the Bureau of Quality Accreditation (BoA) with the code VILAS 203.

Currently, the National Institute for Food Control provide the following calibration services:

  • Calibration of technical scales, analytical scales;
  • Calibration of heating cabinets (incubators, dryers, autoclaves, deep freezers);
  • Calibration of water thermostated bath;
  • Calibration of humidity cabinet;
  • Calibration of heating chamber;
  • Calibration of hygrometer thermometer;
  • Calibration of UV-VIS spectrophotometer (UV-VIS);
  • Calibration of atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS);
  • Calibration of gas chromatography (GC);
  • Calibration of gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS, GC-MS / MS);
  • Calibration of liquid chromatography equipment (HPLC / UPLC)
  • Calibration of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS / MS)

In addition, the National Institute for Food Control also provides maintenance and equipment repair services based on customers' needs.

Our technical staff own rich practical experience; are trained both domestically and abroad by reputable organizations and analyzing equipment suppliers; Proficient in operating, maintaining, repairing and calibrating equipment.

With the aim of increasing convenience for customers, the National Institute for Food Control provides additional services: maintenance, repair and calibration for laboratory equipment; Ensuring accuracy, honesty, objectivity, efficiency and speed.

Contacts for consulting of maintenance, repair and calibration of equipment

Contact 1:

MSc. Dang Van Ket

Tel: (+84) 243.9714512 - Mobile: (+84)

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Contact 2:

Center for Scientific and Technical Services

Address: 65 Pham Than Duat, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Tel: (+84) 24.3226.2216/ (+84) 24.3226.2251

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