Notice of sending proficiency testing samples of the 3th round in 2017

After analyzing and statistical evaluating the homogeneity of proficiency testing samples according to ISO 17043 standards. On 21 August 2017 the proficiency testing Organizer Committee of the Institute sent samples and related documents to registrated participating (Analytical Guides, identified note of sample status, test results, questionnaires, etc.) of the 15 programs of the 3th round in 2017, including:

1. Proficiency test of Histamine in fish sauceH17.24

2. Proficiency test of plant protection chemicals in vegetables and fruits. H17.28 (Chlorpyrifos; Permethrin; Carbofuran)

3. Proficiency test of heavy metal in functional food H17.39 (Chì; Cadimi)

4. Proficiency test of licorice and ashweed in protected health productsH17.50

5. Proficiency test of Glucosamin in functional foodH17.52

6. Proficiency test of microbiology in functional foodV17.59 (Total of aerobic, E.Coli; Coliforms)

7. Proficiency test of microbiology in functional foodV17.62 (Total of yeast and mould, E.Coli; Coliforms)

8. Proficiency test of microbiology in waterV17.76 (Coliforms; E.coli; Streptococcus faecalis; Pseudomonas aeruginosa)

9. Proficiency test of microbiology in food V17.80 (Total of aerobic; E.coli; Staphylococci positive with coagulase)

10. Proficiency test of physic-chemistry in wines H17.81 (Etanol; Methanol; Aldehyt; Este; Rượu bậc cao; Furfurol)

11. Proficiency test of aflatoxin in corn powder H17.82 (Aflatoxin B1; Aflatoxin B2; Aflatoxin G1; Aflatoxin G2)

12. Proficiency test of physic-chemistry and vitamins in protected health productsH17.83 (Moisture, Ahs, Protein, Lipid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E

13. Proficiency test of metal in functional food H17.84 (Iron, Calcium)

14. Proficiency test of microbiology in milkV17.85 (Listeria monocytogens; Enterobacteriace)

15. Proficiency test of microbiology in food V17.86 (Total of aerobic; Total of yeast and mould; B.cereus)

In order to ensure the progress and quality of the PT program, the laboratories are requested to analysis immediately the samples at samples received times according to recommended time and send the results to the PT organizer Committee as prescribed. (Note: Before shake analysis, sample should be mixed thoroughly to ensure homogeneity of sample).

Here are some photos of the submitted form: