To ensure the accuracy of analytical results, as well as the interests of customers, Service center for science and technology, propose customers to give attention the following information when sending the samples:

1. Customer Information: Complete fulfillment Name of Organization/Agency\ ; ... Address, the contact information of the sender

2. Samples Information:

- The full name of samples

- The parameters to be tested,

- Attached Information: COA, Specification ... or Announcement of the product (not to be mandatory)

3. The quantity and number of samples:

- Samples of food: 100g (ml) -500g (ml) \ 1 portion

- Samples of bottled drinking water, domestic water: 3- 5 liters \ samples


- For the samples used for microbiological testing, it should submit a separate portion sample and contained in sterile packaging;

- For the purpose of samples storage to solve the questions after releasing the results, each samples should provide at least two portions of samples;

- In case of the size is smaller than regulations, please contact us directly for advice.

4. Storage and transport

 Ensuring for dry food, clean and no confusing the different types of food in the storage area

 Recommendation for storage temperature is as follows:

• Being the products "not easily degradable": room temperature (below 40 ° C)

• Frozen and deep-frozen products: under -150C, preferably under -180C

• Other products easily decomposable at ambient temperature: 10C - 80C

5. Time and testing fees

- Analysis time: 3-10 working days

- Testing charges:

Normal Service (7-10 working days): under quotation

Fast Service (5-3 working days): 130% - 150% compared to normal service.

- Form of payment: cash or bank transfer upon receipt of quotes. (Note: samples are tested only when money has been paid in full or 50%).

- Time of samples receipt from 8 am to 12 pm and from 13:30 to 17:30 working day (from Monday to Friday)

6. Form of sending samples: check information in the form attached "Form of sanding samples to test”.

7. Check results:

Directly, online or post (fee paid by customers), send scan results if the customer requires from you submit the form. Receipts or invoices will be sent the results of the analysis to customers

Transfer information:

  - Account name: National Institute for Food Control

  - Account number: 1462201017817

- Bank: Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development - Tay Do Branch

Content transfer: Customers note: "testing fee for samples code ..."

Contact Details:

Service center for science and technology – National Institute for Food Control

Address: No. 65 Pham Than Duat, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi

Phone: 04 3226 2216 or 04 3933 1817

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