Closing session of internship of students from Hanoi University of Public Health at the National Institute of Food Control – academic year 2016 - 2017

On Tuesday afternoon, 02nd of May 2017, a closing session of the internship of undergraduate students of analytical preventive healthcare from the Hanoi University of Public Health for the academic year 2016 – 2017 was organized at the National Institute of Food Control. The main content of the event included:

-            A summary of internship outcomes of 35 students practicing at the Institute within six weeks

-            An exchange of opinions about the work that students had performed during the internship. This would help them learn more from this internship for the forthcoming similar activity.

As General Director of the Institute, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Hong Hao came to attend the meeting along with the managers of the departments involved and staff who were the instructors for the students. Mr. Luu Quoc Toan - a lecturer from the Faculty of Health and Environment at the Hanoi University of Public Health also participated in the event with 35 trainees.


Picture of the opening of the meeting

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Hong Hao made an opening speech and appreciated the students’ studiousness during their internship at the Institute. She also advised and encouraged them to try their best in their studies in order to achieve better results next times and equip themselves with more knowledge until they graduate from their university.

As the representative of the Hanoi University of Public Health at the meeting, Mr. Luu Quoc Toan reported on the results of students’ internship at the Institute. On behalf of the University, he thanked the Board of Directors for their support with which the students could fulfill well their tasks. Special thanks also went to the managers of the laboratories as well as all instructors for their assistance which students received throughout the time they practiced at the Institute.

Some students, on behalf of the whole group, spoke of their opinions and shared some advantages as well as difficulties that they had encountered during the internship. Eventually, they learned so much from practice, gained real experience and raised their awareness as well as responsibility in their studies in order to meet the requirements in their future career. They thanked the Institute Board of Directors and all the instructors for their great support, and promised to make more progress which their lecturers at the University always expect from them.

More pictures of the meeting: