Conducting the law and work plan on fire prevention and fighting 2016, the National Institute for Food Control (NIFC) coordinated with the Center for applied research, fire rescue and fighting training and Department of Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue Police No. 3 Hanoi to organize the training and grant certificate on fire safety and rescue for the NIFC’s staff.


Deputy Director Tran Van Son delivered his speech at the opening ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Tran Van Son - Deputy director of the National Institute for Food Control highly appreciated the training because the training on fire safety is among the most important actitvities for security, fire protection of the office-building.

The objective of the training workshop 2016 is aimed to update and upgrade knowledge of fire prevention, fighting and rescue. At the same time, the commander-in-chief of the training workshop appreciated all the staffs to join in the training with high sense of responsibility.

The program of the training workshop consisted of 2 parts:

1/ Part 1 – Basic knowledge: Sublieutenant Pham Van Huy – Cadre of the Center for applied research, fire rescue and fighting training gave the presentation on: situation of fire safety during the last time; basic knowledge on fire protection law, causes and measures for fire, steps to prevent and fight fires.




2/ Part 2 – Practice: the ways to use firefighting equipments, fire alarm system and fire fighting system; practical training rescue trapped people and property in fires.












The training course on fire prevention and fighting came to the end with great success, all the participants made sense of all the basic skills for fire prevention - fighting and rescue with a view to ensuring fire safety at the office-building. According to the law on fire prevention and fighting, 29 members of the NIFC’s fire protection and fighting team were granted certificates on fire safety and rescue.

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