From November 7 to 11, 2016, the 23rd Prepared Foodstuff Product Working Group (PFPWG) and related meetings, including the 9th ASEAN Food Testing Laboratory committee (AFTLC) took place inJakarta, Indonesia.

Attending the 9th AFTLC meeting, there were 20 delegates from the 10 ASEAN countries and the ASEAN Secretariat. The representatives of Vietnam came from the National Institute for Food Control - Ministry of Health.


At the meetings, Dr. Tran Cao Son – the National Institute for Food Control – representative of Vietnam has been elected the vice chairman of AFTLC period 2016 – 2018. The AFTLC’s chairman period 2016 – 2018 is Dr. Panadda Silva, Thailand.


During the meetings, it was agreed that the ASEAN Secretariat would inform member states’ laboratories to register as ASEAN Reference Laboratories on Radinuclides, Marine Biotoxins and Scombrotoxin if they are interested in. The deadline for application is 6 months since being informed. In addition to the AFTLC’s other important contents, some new topics discussed at the meetings include Illegal Adulterants and Phytotoxins.

- The contents of the AFTLC meeting were reported at the 23rd meeting PFPWG during November 10-11, 2016.

- The 10th AFTLC meeting is scheduled to take place in Cambodia together with the 24th PFPWG meeting on March 2017.