Proficiency testing is one of the important tools to help the laboratories consider, assess their testing capacity, the accuracy of analytical results as well as skills and professional skill assessment of staffs. Currently, the accreditation bodies are very interested in the laboratories participating in proficiency testing especially to the recognized laboratories following ISO/IEC 17025.

The National Institute for Food Control (NIFC) acts with the role as national-level arbitration institute in the field of food hygiene and safety. Over the past few years, the National Institute for Food Control has implemented many PT programs in accordance with international standards ISO/IEC 17043: 2010. At present, the Institute has been recognized by A2LA from the United States (The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation), Certificate No. 4254.01 dated 15/5/2017.

In order to help laboratories have the opportunity to evaluate their competence, accuracy and reliability of the analysis results of the organization, especially the laboratories that are implementing the quality management system in accordance with TCVN (ISO/IEC 17025). In the 2nd round of 2018, the Institute plans to organize the following content programs (attached file).

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