Registration process on national single window system

Currently, in addition to the registration of imported food directly at the point of reception, enterprises can choose the inspection registration on the national single window system. Accordingly, all business operations can be done in anywhere with an internet connection. The performance test on the National Single Window system only applies to items falling within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health. The process steps are as follows:

1. Sign in for an account:

- Enterprises register an account at website:

2. Filing:

- Once the account, business will now be logged into your account, choose items MOH - standard food import certificate requirements management - Add new records. Then business complete enterprise information as instructed, choosing test units is the NIFC, upload files attachments: contracts, invoices, bills of lading, packing list, promulgated document, CA, CO, ... then sign and submit the dossier.

3. Document Processing:

- After receiving the documents, NIFC will review and respond within 01 working day

4. Check sampling:

- After being granted registration, business used granted registration to open the customs declaration, send notification time products rallying place for the Institute on the system.

- After receiving notification of time products rallying place, NIFC will inspect and conduct sampling of the business.

5. Testing and Release results:

- After having the test results, the Institute will issue a notice requiring payment of fees in the system

- After paying the fee, businesses will upload proof of paying fee into software system for the Institute.

- When the Institute has received full certification fees and charges, NIFC will provide test results to enterprise on software system.

- Enterprise uses the test results to complete customs procedures.

Customers need advice, please contact phone number: 0432262215