Consultant services

Service Center for Sciencesand Technology of the NIFC, which has the legal status, have an account and private seal (referred to as the Centre). With a team of highly experienced experts, the Center is the effective implementation of scientific and technical services to customers within and outside the health sector in the field of Food Safety and Hygiene. With the aim to meet the increasing needs of the society, the Center do not stop searching, creativing, learning, orientating and conducting the activities through collaboration services to organizations, businesses and individuals to become a reliable partner, a prestigious brand of customers through the providing services with diversified products, quality and efficiency:

1. Consulting the eligible establishments to manufacture and food food business

- Consulting the eligible establishments for catering business

- Consulting the eligible establishments for stores and food market

- Consulting the eligible establishments for food production

2. Consulting

- Consulting the products announcement which manufacture in domestic

- Consulting the functional foods announcement in domestic and import

3. Services of conferences, seminars:

- Photo on campus Institute

- Photo Hall Institute

- Photo of several conferences and seminars were held:

For more information please contact us:

Center for Scientific and Technical Services Testing Institute Food Safety and Hygiene Department of Health National Gia

D.C.: 65 Pham Than Duat, Mai Dich, Cau Giay District, Hanoi;

Phone: 043 9331817/043 2262216.

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Hotline: 0984181123